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[ the divine use of animosity & ridicule ]

Track One: all men amen... so, i know what you're thinking, well actually i'm probably wrong... i was gonna say that you were thinking, "Who is Odd Thomas?"... but then i realized that you probably wouldn't be reading this unless you knew enough about him to be interested in reading more about his album... so let's start over... so, this is starting off with a nice full sound... it's almost like a bunch of monks chanting in the background to give the track some texture and then every now and again the cadence of the drums comes in and takes over... it's pretty sweet... and quick... quickly though, it's challenging us to be ready for the second coming of Christ... are you ready?...Track Two: bad brains... this one has a sci-fi feel to it with a lot of laser-like sound effects, dropping in the distance, almost like a video game, but the beat is constant and really fresh... ok, there's obviously different people rapping on this track but i'm, oh, never mind... i just looked it up and this song features Science Project... i knew it... anyway, it kind of reminds me of something that Luke Geraty would rap on... but the lyrics imply that they are all psychotic or something... or at least viewed by the world that way... Track Three: gun control... this one i've heard before... in fact i think it's up on the Odd Thomas Myspace page... i really like the concept of it... it's not exactly a new thought, that there's a problem with guns in America, but it's one of those " hot topics that keeps coming up politically... like what should we do about this problem... "how you gonna claim peace with a piece in your hand?"... i love that line... anyway, he kinda says that it's everyone's responsibility, but also that we should all petition for some sort of change... Track Four: deception... this is a very biting look at the modern church... a general disgust for people who are misleading others into a false sense of faith and a false religion... he's talking about people trying to buy their salvation... kind of a fresh take on the age-old faith versus works... "money for your soul is like casting lots"... that's pretty deep there, since if you base your salvation on things you do or give, you'll never really know if you've done or given enough... it's like gambling... and "what's the point of faith, if you've paid the cost?" is pretty self-explanatory... and it has to be, 'cause i'm running out of... Track Five: father figure skating... i like the beat... scratch that... i love the beat on this track... just plain dope... the title of this one makes me think of the television game show "Wheel of Fortune"... i haven't watched it in a long time, but they used to have a catagory called before and after where it was two phrases joined together by the word in the middle... anyway it's significant to this song, 'cause it's about his father being simply a father in figure only... it's interesting... well... time to break...

*** INTERMISSION (maybe it's cheating but i'm falling behind on this typing and i need to go stretch) ***

Track Six: television evangelist... man, this is a quick album... really testing my typing speeds... anyway, we're back and this one was actually on the MySpace page a while back too... i think there's even a video... of course this is obviously another cynical look at the religion that is commonly referred to as Christianity... and a look at how some people simply use the name of Christ to try to exploit an audience and earn money... like the gun control song, it's not like it's the first time anyone has spoken out against television evangelists, but the song is quite bold and hits pretty hard... close to home in some cases... Track Seven: ghost hymns... this is a pretty light beat... i'm not sure who this is on the first verse... probably should know, the voice is pretty familiar... maybe from a Mars Ill song long ago... i don't know right now... though i'm having a rough time keeping up... this one seems to be talking about other rappers or even public figures who promise something or create an image that lacks any true substance and is in fact ghostly in that it dissappears quickly... Track Eight: fundamentalist... i just caught myself actually breathing heavy as i'm trying to get this done... all the songs on this EP are right around three minutes in length so there's little room for straying or mistakes... this one is again dope musically... dude did a really good job on the beats here... totally feeling them... lyrically, he's taking shots at people who claim to be fundamentalists of any religion and try to use their religion as an excuse to commit acts of violence and hatred... Track Nine: the divine use of animosity & ridicule... here's where the album gets summed up... the divine use of animosity and ridicule... yes... the album is full of biting lyrics and a whole lot of "calling out"... so here he is explaining why he's so abrasive... he's basing his opinions on his faith... and he's being energetic and enthusiatic not because he hates others, but because he wants to get people's attention and share his message, which is part of God's word... that said... i've often told people that my spiritual gift is cynicism... usually i get laughter in return, but i think Odd Thomas would understand... anyway... i'm well over time by now... thanks for checking out this EP with me... keep it locked...

Odd Thomas is a new face in the hip hop market and he his hard work and well-crafted lyrics have done quite well in turning the heads of many listeners. In fact, Odd Thomas is currently touring homes across the west coast with The Listener on the second leg of the Listener Tour of Homes. If you get a chance to catch one of those shows, i'd highly recommend it. Otherwise, get ahold of the EP as soon as possible. It's pretty nice and i'm looking forward to more from Odd Thomas.

for more info: Odd Thomas - 3x5 Music - MySpace

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